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Iceous Design

Effective, Clean and Unique

Specializing in creating user friendly web architectures with focus on Simple, Clean and Effective Design Philosophy. With these blueprints in mind, I  work with your visions and goals to optimize Your business/product through your Website.

Featured Work

Pictured below is some of the latest work I've done. Feel free to check out the rest of my portfolio to see other projects I've done.

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About Me

Welcome to, the online portfolio of Joko Halim. Based in beautiful San Diego, I have designed websites professionally since 2004. I have a passion for design, which I have carried on ever since I was an undergraduate art student at the University of California - San Diego.

I currently work as a Drupal engineer for Digitaria, while working towards my MBA at National University. With an expert understanding of aesthetic design and technological development in web work, combined with a business mindset, I can help you design and develop the perfect website for your business or practice.

My skills include web design, development and marketing strategies. I combine these skills with an expert command of XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascripts,  PHP, MySQL, CMS Integration(Drupal and Wordpress), Seach Engine Optimization.

Please  contact me for quotes or more information.

Latest News

Finally launched It has been a long journey for rebuilding and redesigning it from the ground up TWICE!(Due to server crash, it wiped out data and backup!) It is developed on Drupal 6.x platform and I am very proud of it.

Latest Posts
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2nd day of Class

On Monday, it was just an intro class towards what Zend studio, VM and really basic stuff. Bear in mind, this is the fundemental PHP 1 class. Eventhough I am a little more advanced than this class offers, it is a great refresher on better coding practices and truely understanding the basics of PHP.

It is basic to the bone, we went over variable, constants and arrays. Believe it or not, eventhough I have about 3 yrs of PHP experience, there were materials I hardly ever used or even never even heard of it, before!  Do you know that 'print' command only prints the value and it can be assigned inside a variable, but not the case with 'echo' command?

And I didn't know you can reindex numeric array()!

    $myArray = array(2 =>"first value", 3=>"second value", 4=>"third value");

My Journey towards Zend Certified Engineer

After 3 yrs of Drupal and PHP development, the more I use PHP the more I am interested to learn PHP. Up until now, my PHP knowledge is pretty much a combination of self taught and lessons by my great mentor, Cong Nguyen ( Senior database Architect at my previous job). I am very grateful for what Cong has showed me and opened a path for me to follow, which led me to where I am today.

He once told me, to know PHP, you need to know 2 most important attributes in PHP programming. Know your arrays inside out AND Object Oriented Programming. The rest are just look up. He's absolutely right!

So, why do I need to get my Zend certification you ask?


Google just released updated version of SEO guideline

After 2 years!!!! Good folks at google finally feel that they are ready to release the updated version of their SEO guidelines. What does this mean ? Read along, you might learn something new...


Adding a little touch to your views

I was researching on how to display empty texts on exposed filter views, and I found a solution for a generic filter, will work on any EXPOSED filter.



101 ways to increase conversion

Came across with this article:
101 ways to optimize your site, the right way, google way.


I thought it would be great to share.


Drupal Cheatsheet - Embedding views

Embedding views to nodes manually.  It gets really handy! Views module is one of the core modules which gives drupal great flexibility to develop your site. Knowing what to display and how to display blocks of content in your site plays an very critical role to direct users' focus. And it lies in this beautiful module.

Knowing how to use views module is pretty much half the battle in drupal development. Here are some snipets of codes to invoke views from nodes/pages...



Drupal 6 - cheatsheet - l function

I've been doing drupal development for a while now, never had the chance to compile a short cheatsheet.

This post: l function

A very handy function to drupal theming, or module development.



Setting up virtual hosting with Xampp

I thought it would be nice to have some easy development server setup for clients using virtual hosting. I found out XAMPP is pretty sweet compared to wamp or mamp. Easy to work on and it loves drupal!

Anyhow, here are the steps to setup virtual hosting on XAMPP and window.

1. Install xampp on windows machine. Easy Breezy... just follow the installation steps.

2. then go to go to C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhost.conf

3. add the following codes:

## client site ServerName ServerAdmin testclient@localhost DocumentRoot "C:\xampp\htdocs\clients\testclient"


Wordpress is NOT a CMS. It is a very powerful tool for blogging. I will get a lot of heat for saying it, but it is what it is. :)



Best CMS - Drupal

What's the ultimate weapon of choice when developing dynamic site?I've tried quite a few of CMS out there and it seems like every one i tried find its own niche. Drupal, Wordpress, CMSmadeSimple and Frog.

I came up with the conclusion that, there is none. It's more like having the right tool to get the job done with the right scale.

More relaunched

The new and totally reengineered is finally live on Dec 15th. After 5 months of stressful life, I am really proud of the new site.

You can't design until you can build!

In my previous job, somebody told me: you can't design till you can build. I was like WTF is he talking about? A designer is a designer, doesn't matter if he can build or not, right? Wrong!

The Beginning

The beginning.... Where do I start?I've never really put much thought about where, when or how I started this journey as Designer. I've received few e-mails from people telling me they like my work. yay......!!!

Many of these emails asking me, where do you begin? Where to start? I want to become designer, what does it take?Then I thought.....really. Where did I begin? Where did I start? How did I start ?It feels like its been ages.This is my story.


New Year New Attitude

Getting through 2008 was a challenge, but I think going through 2009 would be even harder! Many of my fellow designers/developers are facing the toughest time in their career, I would think. With this global economic meltdown, it is a  difficult challenge to find a job, while employers are downsizing to stay afloat this financial mess.

The upside of this mess is that , fortunately, many of these talented designers are focusing with their freelances. This is the beauty of being designer/developer, if  you don't have any employer, you employ yourself! You can create your own market! May be just start off with little projects from friends or family, there's always somebody who needs a website around you.

I am encouraging my friends to start collaborating and freelancing at the same time. You will be surprised to find out what you know and what you think you know. I've been collaborating and bouncing ideas with Karim Zurita on our personal projects. And it's more like another set of eyes and opinions, instead of rivals, or competitor who are trying to steal your secret or idea. It's a great way to improve our designs and skills.

iceous design 3.0 pre debut

iceous Design Ver.3.0 finally ready for debut in 2009. Many thanks to Freelance monkeys crews for helping me getting my site up and running. :)